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In todays world, SEO is no longer about keeping ahead of Google updates, but striving to make yourself the best result for your customers and optimising your site so that Google doesn’t have any other option but to rank you highly. Additionally, we focus on what we know works, and that’s putting your customer at the heart of your strategy. Our ROI driven SEO strategy can be broken down into three areas, Technical SEO, content/user experience and digital PR. Furthermore, we create strategies around each of these areas that are underpinned with data and analysis to eliminate the guess work.

Blue Digital are an experienced SEO agency based in Leeds who are dedicated to helping you increase traffic and conversions. Additionally, we specialise in increasing conversion rates for our clients; along with achieving great results through the use of SEO. We are fully results based, therefore, our main goal is to provide our clients with fantastic ROI’s.

Why us:
1. An ROI focused approach
2. Industry leading strategies
3. Attention and care of a smaller agency

Technical, Content and Digital PR

Multi-faceted campaigns that deliver tangible results

It’s a simple concept. Content and user experience make you become the best result. Digital PR and technical SEO show Google that you are the best result. In order for an SEO campaign to show real ROI, these three areas are absolutely key, but you can’t implement a strategy like this unless you really know who your customers are.

Technical SEO

The foundation of any SEO campaign

The technical optimisation of your site plays a huge role in your SEO performance because the code of your site is all that Google sees. Our technical team will ensure your site is optimised in the right way so that Google knows how good your site is.

Technical SEO is the foundation on which all SEO campaigns need to be based and cannot be forgotten about. It’s often easy for brands to get caught up in bigger, more visible content marketing campaigns, but there is almost always quicker wins to be had with technical optimisation, giving a much bigger ROI than some other channels.
Aspects of your Technical SEO campaign that we can help you with include:

Local SEO
Penalty Recovery
– On-Page Optimisation
– Site Migration

Content & UX

Google wants to deliver the best results to users

The only way of being ranked number one in search is to become the best result by offering as much value as possible to customers. This means that you need to provide your customers with the information they need at precisely the right time and offer value over and above just selling your products or services.

This is where our content offering comes in, we take the time to understand your target audience and their pain points, this allows us to spot opportunities where we can engage with them at the right times in a way that drives conversion and shows Google that you are the best results.

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Digital PR

The old ways of link buiding are dead, but links are still vital

Links are still crucial to SEO efforts, but generating them is no longer easily gamed as it was in the past. Instead of spamming site or paying for coverage, now you need earned links through digital PR.
National and industry press need a reason to cover and link to your brand, we take the time to create this reason and use our press relations to get you covered in a way that generates not only SEO results, but also helps build your brand.

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