User Experience

What is User Experience

Your products are supposed to be used by real people, not aliens, robots and definitely not monster! (Granted, sometimes a few members of the Blue Digital team do actually turn into little monsters if we’ve run out of cake in the office.) You need to make your user’s journey as easy as possible and allow them to take away what they need as quickly and as smoothly as they can. No matter what experience they have, whether it’s good or bad, it will resonate with them, and they’re more than likely to shout from the rooftops about it!

The Importance of UX

Building Relationships

There is a lot more to user experience (UX) than what meets the eye. It is important to integrate user experience into your brand touchpoints, building relationships, and resolving your user’s problems to ensure they can utilise your offering. You need to provide the user with what they expect to see, doing this as quickly and as slickly as possible will leave your users feeling a sense of achievement, and secretly you are building a trusted relationship with them without them even knowing.

It's What We do

The Blue Digital Way

Major brands are now looking at integrating UX design into their business to give them an advantage over their competitors. Here at Blue Digital, we love to dig deep into your user’s worlds to understand their behavioural needs. At the early stage of any project, we will invest our time in discovering your key users and how you can facilitate their needs, whilst sitting snug with your business goals. Our extensive research allows us to understand and solve any problems during the design phase of the project and we kick off any UX process with the following structure.

  • Strategy and research
  • Structure & Content
  • Interface Design
  • Test and Analyse

UX Audit

Room for improvement

You may not want a new site and you may not need one, but very small adjustments can impact the user dramatically. For example, do the colours you are using portray the brand and are they used sparingly? Is the content hierarchy correct? Are you losing users half way through the checkout, why? So let us take a look at what you already have and how we can help you.


Go content Crazy

It's the key to success

Content is one of the main reasons why people visit your site in the first place. It’s what they consume and interact with, and whether you like it or not, it’s one of the reasons they’ll keep coming back for more. When the time comes to looking into what content should be on your site, we collaborate with our good friends on the Digital Marketing team to pull together a killer content plan to keep your audience engaged and enthused.

Find out how we can improve your users' experience

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