PPC services

Profitability focused paid advertising that utilises technology, data, marketing expertise and commercial understanding to deliver a return on your investment. With PPC from Blue Digital you benefit from the attention and care of a smaller agency; as well as no nonsense management of your account from commercially savvy staff.

As a fully fledged PPC agency, we are certain to increase conversions and traffic to your site. PPC is a fantastic solution for generating results faster than other marketing efforts, such as SEO.


Trusted Google Partner

Paid Search

We structure our PPC campaigns around business relevant topics that focus on maximising the bottom line profits for your company. Using the wealth of data that is given to us by Google and Bing, we can really drill down into this data to fully understand how to structure your campaign to get the best results.

Usually, there is a lot of wasted spend in your existing PPC campaigns, our first step is to audit this to limit this wastage and restructure your account to focus on the areas that are profitable, form here we continually sift through the data to make the account even more profitable.

Paid Social

Social media can offer some of the best targeted advertising online, not only can you drill down to specific target groups, but you can also show ads to potential customers based on where they are at a specific moment in time, such as a football match.

We help you understand who your customers are so we can target people very similar to your target audience and serve them with ads at a very precise moment in time. From our experience we have seen this kind of ultra-personalised marketing to show an extremely low cost per acquisition across multiple social platforms.


Traffic through mobile devices has been ever increasing, this brings both complications and opportunities for PPC. We optimise all of your landing pages for mobile to ensure optimal ad quality score across all ad groups, create mobile specific ads and adjust bidding across devices to ensure you don’t miss out on key leads or conversions for your business.

Display Advertising

Our display advertising service is fuelled by a deep understanding of your target audience. We ensure that your ads are shown on highly targeted websites and publications that drive relevant and valuable traffic back to your website. Our creative and copywriting teams create dynamic and engaging adverts and we continually analyse and optimise campaigns to deliver maximum return on your investment.


Wondered how you can re-engage with potential customers who don’t convert? Re-targeting is the answer. Our re-targeting service allows you to re-capture the interest of your target audience and channels them back into your website to complete your desired action whether that be purchasing a product, downloading your amazing content or enquiring about your service.

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