Google Penalty Removal

Have you seen?

  • A severe drop in brand visibility
  • A significant loss of organic sessions
  • A sever drop in keyword rankings

Google’s Algorithm

Firstly, you may or may not be aware of the Google algorithm; this consists of hundreds of factors deciding what position your website should appear within the search engine rankings pages (SERPs).
Additionally, the algorithm is updated on a regular basis to allow search engines to deliver the best possible results to users which is why websites often get hit with penalties. Furthermore, these penalties can vary in severity; from a website dropping a couple of pages for a month or two to being removed from the SERPs completely.

At Blue Digital we analyse your websites history, competitors and industry to establish what penalty it is that has affected your website and SEO before implementing the recommended changes to get the penalty lifted.

Link Penalties

Penguin Update

When the Penguin update was launched a number of websites were hit with link penalties due to low quality, irrelevant backlinks being pointed to the domain. This update has now been integrated into the ranking algorithm and is running 24/7 365 days a year, to ensure your website’s penalty is lifted we follow a simple process.

To rectify these penalties we do a full backlink analysis using multiple tools to manually analyse each link deciding whether or not it is detrimental.

Once the links are reviewed the Blue Digital team will either get them removed or keep them, before requesting a manual review from the search engine.

Content Penalties

Panda Update

Google values high quality content so if your website is using old school tactics such as scraping, keyword stuffing or gateway pages you are likely to have received a content related penalties. This is a less common penalty than the link penalty and is harder to detect but the Blue Digital team use research to establish the issues before again implementing a simple process to get the penalty retracted.

By performing a technical audit we can establish if there are any gateway pages and even which pages have light content. Using other tools we can determine how unique the content is on your website before making recommendations on how best to fix the issues found.

The recommendations list will be provided to you along with a list of tasks that our content team can perform to not only lift the penalty but improve the on site content as a whole.


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