Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Conversions are more often than not the fundamental goals of a business and its marketing activities; whether they are orders, website leads, plays of videos or other valuable actions.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is the practice of improving the efficiency and performance of your website. This is to ensure you are giving your potential customers the best chance of complete a conversion.

At Blue Digital we implement a continuous 4 step process which allows us to deliver increased conversion rates for you and your website. In turn, this will generate more orders, revenue and gross profit.


Looking at your business objectives and understanding your target audience demographics the team at Blue Digital analyse your websites current statistics and usability to discover what tests should be implemented.

The analysis phase also includes on and off site surveys as to get opinions on what currently works well and what doesn’t as well as heatmaps and user recordings to accurately see the results of the current website design.


Choosing and implementing the right tests can make or break a CRO campaign.

Our team use the research gathered in the analysis phase to decide what adjustments and how many tests should be implemented to get an indication of a successful change. The most common tests are A/B & Multivariate tests. A/B testing which is also known as split testing sends similar user types to 2 different web pages, allowing you to see which design converts better. Multivariate testing is the practice of modifying multiple variables to determine which combination delivers the best results for your website.

Results & Reporting

Proof is in the pudding

Analysing the results of the tests allows us to see what changes should be made permanent, whether that is just a simple button colour change or a change to the whole checkout process.


Right here, right now

Thanks to our in house design and development teams we can implement the changes with immediate effect, taking all the hassle away from you and allowing the CRO investment to deliver results in a shorter period of time.

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