It's all about you...

Often, there is a lot of noise in your market place, many other competitors all saying the same thing, making the same statements and offering the same services, so how do you stand out?

Blue Digital are a creative agency in Leeds, helping you create perfect branding for your business. Since we are a high-quality brand design agency, we ensure to provide the highest level of service along with breath taking designs in order to take your branding to the next level.

Setting the tone

So, who are you, what do you stand for, why do you do what you do? Many aspects of your core values will provide a uniqueness over your competitors. You might not even know those values exist, it’s just that you may need to turn everything upside down for a little while and shake them out! And we can help challenge you to that.

Through facilitating a branding workshop with your key decision makers, we can help challenge and define what you thought you knew about ‘who’ your business is and why it exists. Giving us the narrative on which we build your branding that will narrate* your brand story.

*We like to think in a Morgan Freeman tone, but that would depend on your brands personality!

Making it visual

A logo? No!

Well, yes and no. We need to start with your logo which will become your identifying mark. But think brand or visual identity. What’s the difference I hear you ask! Or do I?

From the results of your brand workshop we can define a style which portrays your business, that when applied to all facets of your branding, will conjure those tiniest emotions in your target audience, helping them understand you and switch off to the noise.

Creating Consistency

Make it count...

You have created narrative around who you are, what you do and why you do what you do, being at the core of you business means you should live and breath that story.

Now is time to promote your story to your audience, consistency being key. Everything about who your brand is should be second nature so that should be reflected in everything you do.

As brand guardians, our team can understand your brand, caring for all aspects of your customer facing collateral and design needs, supporting you to evolve your story as your brand grows.

Let us become your brand guardian

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