Website design

It’s a big digital world out there

The web world is rapidly growing which means it’s more important than ever to have a powerful online presence. We create smooth flowing, functionally fabulous online experiences catering for your users every need. Usability, practicality and functionality are the Lego bricks forming the foundations to our extraordinary website designs. Our specialist teams will collaborate and challenge new creative ideas, to make your companies online experience perform at its best, in line with your brand.

Responsive design

We live and breath responsive, user friendly design. Smartphones are slowly taking over the world, well that may be a little exaggeration but it sure does feel like it! With the use of laptops decreasing, and the human race relying more and more on technology, we make our sites as simple as possible to use fluidly on multiple devices. With experience at the centre our solutions will transform to long term results.

Web Design Best practice

While the user may be looking at your site, they are probably looking at your competitors too! So you need to show consistency and keep in line with a few crucial website design best practices as follows;

  • Logo left aligned top left corner
  • Contact option in the navigation top right
  • Value proposition above the fold on the homepage
  • Search feature in the header

And I could go on for days…

The Blue Digital Way


Our creative team thrive from new challenges and delivering the right messages. So once the kettle is boiled, and the biscuits are in full flow, we fuel a kick off meeting and brainstorm session, to gather an understanding of your brand, audience and industry. From this, we will start an extensive research phase which include identifying your key users and their goals, producing blue prints, journey maps and wireframes to guide the interface design to perfection.

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