Weekly Round Up: Propercorn, Girl Power & More

Elinor Gilbert

It’s finally Friday, so we’ve made a list of everything that’s good about this one.

  1. It marks the beginning of the 90th birthday celebrations 2.0 for the Queen this weekend. (We joined in with the party spirit, just a few days early!)
  2. The Euros kicks off today and Twitter have unveiled their bespoke hashtags emojis
  3. It’s the eve of the year’s most anticipated event, for some, The Great Knaresborough Bed Race.

So whilst we munch through left over party food (the best), get our tweets at the ready for our own Euros sweepstake teams and cross our fingers and toes that Mr. Sunshine makes an appearance tomorrow, we look at what’s tickled our fancy this week.

Wanted: Popcorn Flavour-er

Reward? A lifetime supply of popcorn. Propercorn are on the hunt for a new flavour to add to their line of weird, but wonderful products, and if you’re around Soho in London on the 17th & 18th of June then you could be in luck. Partnering with Bompas & Parr, culinary architects, the brand is creating an ‘Institute of Flavour’ for guests to walk round, learning about what it takes to master great flavours, imagine a Willy Wonka type scenario but on a much smaller scale. Popcorn enthusiasts will then be able to rustle up their own flavour after consulting with the experts, which will be entered into a national ‘crowdseasoning’ competition.

Don’t you worry though. If you’re a #1 Propercorn fan who can’t make it to London, you can still enter the competition online to be in a chance for that lifetime supply of the salty stuff, or sweet if you’re into that.



Who Run The World? Girls!

Maybe not quite the world, but maybe America, in the near future. Whilst the UK has been debating whether to #VoteLeave or #VoteRemain, America has been holding its own elections, and Hilary Clinton just made it into the history books with the title ‘first US woman to top the presidential ticket of a major political party’. Many famous faces took to Twitter to congratulate her on her success such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jamie King and Katy Perry and the next big name to join the support team is President Obama himself.

Subway Favourites

With some dedicated Subway fans in the office, we couldn’t not give this new campaign a mention. You know the struggle, we’ve all been there. You want to broaden your horizons, be a bit adventurous, but you’re happy with that same old sub you get every time. Why change what’s already right, right? Wrong, according to Subway. They believe you should be stepping out of that comfort zone, and spicing it up, it could open up a whole new world for you.

Adidas vs. Nike

The battle is on, and we’re not talking about teams. The competition has always been hot between the two sports brands, but with the kick off later this evening, the competition is really heating up. We’ve already seen many other brands’ Euro’s campaigns, but Nike left theirs ’til the day before to hype up the event even more. Their six-minute film takes a ‘Freaky Friday’ twist, where Ronaldo swaps bodies with a young boy in North England. It’s already had over 9 million views on YouTube which makes us excited to see what Adidas has to say with France’s Paul Pogba.

P.S. If you head on over to Snapchat you’ll find a Nike filter that goes along with the campaign!


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