Weekly Round Up- Heathrow In Bloom, Brangelina & #GetItOffYourChest

Araminta Hannah

Just when you think the autumn weather has set in, bam! Hello sunshine. This week has caused us to have some mixed feelings about the world. Channel 4 has effectively paid millions for Paul Hollywood and a tent, as Merry Berry remains loyal to the BBC, and according to the new star alignments, 90% of our star signs have changed- #Leo4ever. However, Alistair Brownlee melted our hearts with #brocode and Pottermore released a new quiz for you to discover your Patronus Charm. So, with our emotions nicely balanced, and some nice new office sofas to put our feet up on, we’ve found some great campaigns this week.

Heathrow In Bloom

If you’re traveling via Heathrow Terminal 5 in the next few days then you’re in for a ‘scent-sational’ surprise. Every minute, 5 bottles of perfume are sold in the terminal, so to promote their new season of fragrances, Heathrow enlisted the help of floral designer, Larry Walshe to create a blooming marvellous display. Over 2,000 flowers have been used to create a giant floral map that stands 11ft by 18ft. The flowers have been carefully picked to represent the favourite fragrances of each country, with jasmine being the most popular across the globe.


The nation was shocked on Tuesday to discover Angelina Jolie was filing for a divorce from Brad Pitt after 10 years. As users took to Twitter to tweet their feelings and Jennifer Anniston gifs, London’s Madame Tussauds took a more pro-active approach. They wasted no time in moving the two wax figures “a respectful distance from each other”. Angelina has found a new spot next to Nicole Kidman, whilst Brad Pitt is chilling with his co-star Morgan Freeman.


Breast cancer charity, Coppafeel, has a brand new campaign to raise awareness among young people about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. The 60-second film features charity patrons such as Fearne Cotton, Greg James & Tom Fletcher, poetically narrating what you should be on the look-out for. It’s hoping to encourage young people to get to know their body’s better, and open up with parents and GP’s to get it off their chest.

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