Weekly Round Up: Chicken, Pizza & Pokémon

Elinor Gilbert

Happy World Elephant Day. Week status: we’ve had a jam-packed week in the office this week, which means it has gone exceptionally fast. Weather update: the rain has been great for the remaining sunflowers but rubbish for lunchtime boules. Weekend plans: a garden-warming BBQ is on the cards this weekend, which means we get an extra day of seeing each other! Now, with the usual chitter chatter out of the way let’s get down to business with what’s been going on this week…

Random Acts of Bo

It’s holiday season, which means lovely breaks away, but every holiday must come to an end. When the flight back isn’t long enough, the wait to get through passport control and baggage reclaim is even longer. You’re tired, have crabby kids/wives/fathers and you just want to be home with a cup of tea.

So just imagine the excitement of travellers at Charlotte airport in North Carolina when boxes of chicken from Bojangles’ started appearing on the conveyor belt. Not only does it wipe the grumpy looks of faces but means your holiday mode has just been extended. We just hope that KFC or McDonalds catch onto this.

Domino's Facebook Messenger Bot

Dom The Pizza Bot

Remember SmarterChild? For many of you this will dig up some memories and make you chuckle. For those of you who have no idea what this word means you missed out. {He was a ‘MSN Chatterbot’ that you could ask anything to- you didn’t always get the answer you wanted though}

Why are we bringing up the past you ask? Well, Domino’s has a new national team member, otherwise known as Dom, a Facebook Messenger chat bot. This new addition means consumers will soon be able to order a pizza through social media, and a sassy social media bot at that.

Pokémon Pop-Up

If the world hasn’t already gone bananas enough for catching them all, it was announced this week that London’s Old Truman Brewery will be hosting a Pokémon experience on the 25th August.  Featuring Insert Coin’s new Pokémon-themed line of clothing, browsers will be able to immerse themselves in the ultimate Pokémon shopping experience along with some exclusive brand memorabilia. It’s not quite the five-minute phase many thought it would be!


Hope you all have a jolly weekend, and just in case you haven’t heard on the grape vine we’re going to leave the link to the new Star Wars trailer just here. {You can thank us later}



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