Weekly Round Up: A Week Of Hashtags

Araminta Hannah

We only have one thing to say today, we hope you got your holiday dollar. As there’s only one topic of conversation today we want to lighten the mood with our weekly finds to hopefully put a smile on your face.


Whilst there has been a lot of hate thrown around this week, many people are sharing the love with the Pride of London festival. Taking place in our capital, the city is welcoming members of the LGBT with open arms, encouraging members to have #nofilter and be proud of who they are. 50 traffic lights have been altered around London, replacing the green man with designs of same sex couples holding hands, and gender symbols.



If you don’t follow Innocent on Twitter then you’re not doing Twitter right. Well known for their quirky responses to day-to-day events, they fully immersed themselves in the Wales v Russia game, especially when shortened, it made up the word ‘walrus’. Here’s just a few of their tweets you may have missed out on.


Festival go-ers got stuck in some rather large traffic and naturally took to Twitter to get some comfort in the fact they weren’t alone. Obviously many brands took the initiative to get involved with the hashtag and out of all of them, our favourite has got to be from Marmite.



If you like whiskey then you’ll love this one. Jack Daniel’s have been making whiskey for 150 years, so to celebrate they’re hosting a great big barrel hunt. Starting on the 1st of July, barrels will be hidden around the world and clues will be released online to help you crack the code and claim your prize. So to put it simply, it’s like a giant treasure hunt but with alcohol included.

P.S. We hope your bought your holiday money!



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