Time For a Change

Beth French

Blue Digital party poppers


Let’s rewind a few months. In July, we bid farewell to the logic within us and officially began our journey as Blue Digital. Since then, there has been blood, sweat and tears shed, and today we bring to you our brand-spanking new website. We’re pretty damn excited about it, and we hope you will be too!

The Back Story

Before we dive straight into the new and shiny things, we thought it would be best to give you some context to the changes, especially for all you newbies. Throw it back to 2007, Blue Digital started out as a team of three, as part of Blue Logic Computers, and formerly known as Blue Logic Digital. We had four clients, outsourced design and offered that old school SEO service that everyone did. Along the way and down the line, we moved out and into our swanky studio, acquired Crazyhorse and Coolpink and now have a team of twelve who manage over 50 accounts. Annnnnd breathe. It’s been an adventure, but the next one is only just beginning…

The Logo

Phase one of our brand revolution, or evolution as our brand master would correct us, was our new logo. We wanted something that was memorable, recognisable and stood out from the crowd. The lettering has been created to keep our connection with our big sister Blue Logic, but reflects our day to day work ethic. It’s full of life, full of colour and oozes adaptability, just wait and see what we’ve got planned for it.

The Illustrations

Next up was the creation of the quirky little illustrations. Our waistcoat-wearing Rich has given each team their own little character that tells a story, and adds a little meaning behind each service. You’ll see these appearing on banner stands, in brochures, across social media and throughout our website, tying together little pieces of the brand, with the people who are the driving force behind it.


The Website

Our new website has most definitely been a long time coming, three years in fact, but as they always say, good things come to those who wait, and boy oh boy, don’t we know it. So what’s changed? Aloooot. To start with, we’ve moved away from our one page design and given you a whole host of pages to explore. We wanted to give you a better look into what goes on behind the doors of Blue Digital, and show off our fab portfolio of work we’ve produced for some very happy clients, not to blow our own trumpet or anything.

The Office

We haven’t just splashed some colour onto our website, oh no. A trip to B&Q and a weekend later, we brightened up the office with a pink break out area, a turquoise photo feature, and a huge yellow wall (which isn’t quite everyone’s cup of tea on a Monday morning). We’ve got branded pens, which sit in branded mugs that match our branded business cards. We’ve even got some suave new sofas, and once we’ve given some plants and cushions and new home, we’ll be all set for that super creative environment that’s going to get our brain juices flowing. That’s enough of the words for now though, instead we’ll leave you to explore the fresh new face of Blue Digital.

P.S  We’d love to get your feedback by either dropping us an email or filling out our two-minute survey– you could be in with a chance to win a bottle of bubbly!

About Beth French

Good things come in small packages. Well meet Beth (B1) the youngest & shortest member of the team. Don’t let that deceive you though, this Yorkshire lass has a giant heart and dares to dream big.