Our team

It may be a cliche to say but our team is what make us successful. By amalgamating the blend of personalities, interests, quirks and talents we make a great team who are all passionate about delivering work for our clients that is unique, above the ordinary and that achieves great results. Find out about each individual cog in our machine of success.

Andy Karczewski

Senior Developer

This is Andy, a Gin lover and coffee drinker, although preferably not together. When he's not developing, he'll be 3D printing or flying his various Drones.

Beth French

Graphic Designer

Good things come in small packages. Well meet Beth (B1) the youngest & shortest member of the team. Don’t let that deceive you though, this Yorkshire lass has a giant heart and dares to dream big.

Bethany Webb

Digital Marketing Executive

Meet Beth, also known as B2. Described as a clumsy perfectionist, you’ll usually find her watching a Disney film, drinking hot chocolate, pinning on Pinterest or writing for her blog.

Elinor Gilbert

Senior Developer

Elinor prefers to be called Ellie, otherwise she thinks she’s in trouble. She’s embraced all things geek, spending her free time reading, gaming, movie plot spotting and rabbit snuggling.

Kenny James

Senior Developer

Kenny likes hats. He also loves a good curry and long walks with his cat named Lord Walter 2nd. In his spare time he produces magnificent Magento scripts that will one day rule the world.

Lucy Murfet

Digital Project Manager

Say hello to Lucy, crazy cat lady and food-lover. Some of her favourite things to do include eating tapas, drinking wine, exploring new places and watching Sex and the City.

Matt Shaw

Digital Marketing Manager

This is Matt, when he’s not grooming his beard you’ll find him doing something competitive, football, boules, you name it he loves a competition. He too is a neat guy…

Michelle Carr

Digital Account Manager

Introducing Michelle, our wee Flower of Scotland. She’s the first to greet you with a smile, the first to put the kettle on, and you can guarantee she’ll be the first on the dance floor.

Rich Meads

Head of Creative

Described as a vampire with a thirst for tea, Rich will not accept ‘it’ll do’ when it comes to branding, or to the choice of biscuits. So, when Rich comes to visit, make sure the kettle's on!

Roy Moody


Whether its electric cars or the latest Apple products Roy has always been an early adopter and technology evangelist. Personality profiling however suggests Roy is either mad or a genius! Hmmmmm