Our team

It may be a cliche to say but our team is what make us successful. By amalgamating the blend of personalities, interests, quirks and talents we make a great team who are all passionate about delivering work for our clients that is unique, above the ordinary and that achieves great results. Find out about each individual cog in our machine of success.

Brooke Sanders

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Jordon Goodman

Search Strategist

Meet Jordon, our Technical SEO and PPC expert. Originally from Lancashire, he can eat for England and tends to be a bit of a clown.

Julie Mundy

Financial Controller

Julie keeps control of all the finances at Blue Digital, and being Roy’s “slightly older” sister keeps Roy in check too.

Leah Wood

PR & Content Executive

Leah loves the creative side of PR. Dreaming up innovative campaign ideas is one of her favourite things to do. Day to day, Leah is possibly the clumsiest person you will ever meet!

Mark Ambler

Commercial Director

A serial entrepreneur and one of those annoying people that seem to be good at all sports, Mark has run up a number of successful IT businesses and now heads up our strategy and sales at Blue Digital.

Nico Dhinsa

Senior Developer

Meet Nico, one of our developers here at Bluedigital loves to talk "tech". He enjoys spending time with his family and traveling the UK for interesting views and good food.

Roy Moody


Whether its electric cars or the latest Apple products Roy has always been an early adopter and technology evangelist. Personality profiling however suggests Roy is either mad or a genius! Hmmmmm

Will Moody

Apprentice Designer

Will lives and breathes all things Apple, he always has the latest Apple releases and loves to stay up to date with the latest technology. At work, Will has a passion for app design.