Weekly Round Up: Missing Letters, Missing Animals But No Missing Snapchat Filters.

Araminta Hannah

What a wonderful week it’s been this week (what a lot of w’s). We started the week off early with a garden gathering, we’re currently 2nd in the Olympic medal table and we’re only 5 days away from the start of Great British Bake Off. However, there’s been a few things missing on our radar for this week…


It’s back, bigger than before. You might remember a similar disappearance of letters at around this time last year, but NHS Blood and Transplant have relaunched the campaign internationally, with letters disappearing in Australia, The US, Japan, Belgium, and Ireland.

The need for donors isn’t going away which is why they’ve also cranked the campaign up a gear with new corporate partners. Microsoft aren’t just dropping their O’s but are encouraging more of their employees to donate, whilst the Royal Mail added a special postmark to millions of letters. To go alongside the social media led strategy, Engine Agency WCRS have also created a 30 second TV advert that gives meaning to the missing letters, with the hope that this will be one of the biggest public sector campaigns that’s happened recently.


It’s not just letters that are disappearing this week. Imagine going to bed without having a cuddle from your teddy bear- we know you still do! ZSL have released a scary statement this week, informing us that in the last 40 years the world has lost 52% of the wildlife population. That’s a hefty number. So to try and make a change they’ve released their first-ever-brand-awareness campaign that imagines our world with no wildlife.

#NOTMISSING – Snapchat Filter

Right now, many eighteen-year-olds across the country are probably still in bed, suffering from yesterday’s celebrations (or commiserations). Of course the first place they’re probably turning to is Snapchat to reluctantly look over last night’s story, or to add that butterfly filter to their face with a caption that reads something like ‘thank god for this filter’.

This would have been one of the first platforms they turned to yesterday when opening up their brown envelopes, so Nationwide hit the mark with a sponsored Snapchat Lens and filter. Claiming the titles of the first UK Financial Service brand to advertise on Snapchat and the only brand overall to sponsor both a filter and Lens simultaneously, Nationwide connected the emotional experience with the launch of their new FlexStudent bank account, hoping that they’re ‘down with the kids action’ will have an impact when these new university students come to choose their bank account.



We hope you have a jolly weekend. If you’re stuck for something to do, there’s word on the street that there’s a food festival happening just down the road from us.






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