The Great Blue Bake Off

Lucy Murfet




Cake, biscuits, buns, pies, you name it, we love it. Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, disappearing ovens and some great puns, we love them too. So what happens when you mix them together? You get the Great Blue Bake Off, of course!

Monday the 24th October saw the bakes take to the table from Blue Digital and Blue Logic chefs, who had spent their weekend in the kitchen, rumbling up a storm! (Some took more than one attempt, so we hear!) On the judging panel we had three directors (one of which is a spitting image of Paul Hollywood) one manager, who also made a great Mary Berry, and one social committee member, a tough crowd to please!


The entry criteria was kept plain and simple, it had to be baked by you, or at least part-baked! It was a predominately sweet Bake Off, but we did have some savoury dishes to balance it out, which were a firm favourite. A hearty pork pie (which stole the traditional bake prize), some super sausage rolls (which were tasty enough to win star baker) and a delicious cheese and onion slice took one for the savoury team. On the sweet side we had cinnamon buns, not one, not two, but three lemon drizzle cakes (and two other of the lemon variety), two red velvet cakes, some incredible sponges, a few nutty delights, some tiffin, and a whole lotta cheesecake.

As you can imagine, the judges were rolling out of the room at the end of it!


After the judges has made their way through an incredible 24 bakes, the scores were tallied up and the results were in. Rather than opting for a traditional third, second and first, we followed the legends themselves and set out some categories that were up for prizes. For the Blue Digital guys, we managed to nab the second place Star Baker award for a millionaires cheesecake, and a soggy bottom prize for an alllllmost perfect red velvet cake, the prize was a lovely Paul Hollywood cookbook though, so Lucy wasn’t complaining!

A day later, and we’re all still full up from the amount of cake consumed, but the bar has been set for next year and we may or may not already be preparing for the Great Blue Bake Off 2.0. (There’s no guesses as to whether there will be a few more savoury entries next year, considering two out of the three won a prize!)


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