A Friday Full Of Bricks, Gogglebox & Sheep

Araminta Hannah

What happens when you pair Black Friday with payday? Employees who do a little dance then come back down to earth after looking at their bank account. If you’re someone who can ignore the temptation of your 50% off emails, then we salute you! (And want to know your secrets, because we could fill Santa’s sleigh with what we’ve bought.)

This week we’ve dug up the past with an office debate surrounding the circulation of the white and gold/ black and blue flip flops- they’re white and gold, I’m telling ya! We got a little teary watching the well-deserved Medal of Freedom being awarded to Ellen DeGeneres, and got a little giddy over the fact Adele has announced two dates for Wembley Stadium next year.

But for now, as you’ll be reading this we’ll be watching our bank accounts slowly decrease whilst browsing the internet for even more deals.


Merry Brickmass

By now you should be expecting a festive feature in each week’s post, and this one combines two of our favourite brands. John Lewis has partnered up with Lego to recreate those iconic scenes from the last of their five Christmas adverts.

Displayed in Oxford Street, you can find Buster the Boxer, Man on the Moon, The Bear and the Hare, The Snowman and Monty the Penguin made out of 9400 Lego bricks. They teamed up with Bright Bricks to construct the memorable moments, and we think they’ve done a pretty good job. Maybe next year they’ll start to sell these in store?


Gogglebox Christmas

We love Christmas adverts and we love Gogglebox, so this new Sainsbury’s advert is right up our street. If you haven’t seen Sainsbury’s main Christmas advert this year then head on over to their YouTube channel. It’s a stop-motion mini film that describes the story of an overworked father, and with James Cordon’s voice as the soundtrack, it’s hard not to like it.

This spin off shows the Gogglebox stars enjoying the supermarket’s festive advert, but they too turn into animated versions of themselves. The similarities to each character is uncanny and we too like at least eight potatoes. If you want to release any more of these Sainsbury’s, we wouldn’t be complaining.


There’s something quintessentially English about driving past fields of sheep, and when an island is home to more of the woolly animals than people, it’s something to shout about right? Back in Summer, Faroe’s tourist board wanted to change the fact that they were missing from Google’s Street View. The country boosts gorgeous coastlines, beautiful cliffs and a population outnumbered by sheep, so they decided to set up Sheepview 360.

With 360-degree cameras on the back of the sheep*, audience members could see the island from a perspective Google would never be able to do (unless they thought of the idea). This cost them $200,000 to create, but the results they’ve seen off the back of it was worth every cent. It generated 2 billion media impressions, a spike in travel bookings, and even prompted Google to travel to the island to create an actual Street View.

*No sheep were harmed in the campaign  


P.S. In case you didn’t know, it’s exactly one month till Christmas Day. Our Christmas Tree arrived at the office this week and we couldn’t be more excited.

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