The Ridings Centre

A warm welcoming Yorkshire based shopping centre, three floors filled with boutiques, supermarkets & Cafes loaded with surprises.


The Ridings Shopping Centre is known within the West Yorkshire community to be a great place to meet, chat and shop in the heart of Wakefield. We were approached by The Ridings Centre to give the previous website a new modern look, whilst keeping the existing branding. The website is an online platform for information, with the ability to showcase and promote their services and events. As well as this, The Ridings Centre wanted to pull event collateral in line with their brand, allowing them to sit alongside their competitors, spreading the love that is so key to them and the consumers that shop there.

The ridings Event Print materials


The Ridings now had a new modern website, but the collateral around the mall did not incorporate the new styling. So we retained 3 days a month to consult on their branded materials as well as creating printed event literature to be used around the mall. By doing this we kept brand consistency and awareness throughout the mall, as well as online. we worked closely with their event partners Nickleodeon (also known as rainbow productions) adhering to their strict brand guidelines for events like The Gruffalo & Ninja Turtles. The wide age range allowed us to target selected ages for different events with a new modern welcoming vide.



The objective of this project is to deliver a modern, clean, professional website to target three different audiences (Boutique shoppers 18-25, Families with young children, and 60+), ensuring they get exactly what they need quickly and easily online and in-store. Creating a website and experience to fit all.

The Ridings host great events to bring the community together and keep all ages entertained. This was a prime opportunity to create a platform to showcase this, which we can then support with branded collateral throughout the centre, creating brand awareness and consistency.

The Ridings Website


Our work with The Ridings Centre has helped create brand consistency and bring the mall up to date. Allowing staff to work on a word press platform now gives their in-house marketing team the freedom they need to make the most out of their website.

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