Airedale Chemical

Creating waves in the chemical industry.

The Back Story

Established in 1973, Airedale Chemical is a Yorkshire based chemical company that manufactures and distributes solutions to leading businesses across the UK and throughout Europe. They are part of an industry that is always advancing, and after a period of growth and evolution, Airedale needed their brand to reflect its ambitious movements in the chemical world.

The Brand Story

Airedale already took a lot of care and pride in their brand identity, so it was important that we understood the business and dug into the core of what they do before we evolved it. It was also essential to Airedale, and their key stakeholders, that we didn’t alienate their customers and lose the foundations of the brand by embarking on a wholesale change, so we were challenged with producing a forward-thinking identity that still held onto its roots.

We wanted to communicate Airedale’s powerful position in their industry so we explored the structure and formula of chemicals and the role they play in everyday scenarios. Through focusing on their fluidity and flowing form we were able to maintain their historical hexagonal identity by crafting that sense of chemical movement through waves. By capturing this motion, we’re not only showcasing Airedale’s progressiveness in the industry but building that connection between them and what they do, making their brand even more recognisable.

A4 Brochure Mockup

airedale banner


As part of the brand evolution, we wanted Airedale’s audience to be able to experience the new brand identity as soon as they landed on their website. We refreshed and refined their current framework with an updated design across their homepage and product pages that accounted for UX improvements, to provide users with the ultimate experience.

airedale case study

The Assets

We also worked to create custom artwork assets such as sector and industry icons. Representing their wide clientele and extensive experience, these are befitting Airedale Chemical’s uniqueness.

Whilst evolving the digital experience of the brand, we also placed a focus on developing the offline identity which included elongating the waves across newsletters, adverts, letterheads, exhibition stands and brochures.

The Airedale Group

Not only do we look after the branding of Airedale Chemical, but we also manage the other brands that fall under the Airedale Chemical Holdings Group. For both Airedale Solutions Limited and Rigest, we’ve produced collateral and brand experiences that fall within their brand guidelines, from creating product labels and social media campaign assets through to product cards and iconography.

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