Your Brand is Your Voice When You’re Not in the Room

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Put simply, branding is your company’s identity – its name, logo and overall look. But really, branding is much more than an overall appearance, it’s about how a look can generate a lasting impression.

Good branding will not only create design cohesion, it will also allow you to leave a lasting impression on customers and become a more memorable market player.

Your brand is a true representation of your service offering and product quality, therefore, good branding is essential!

Building a brand that speaks for itself will allow you to leverage your current audience and take the opportunity to naturally grow your consumer base further.


“Your brand is the single-most important investment you can make in your business.”
– Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief, Forbes Magazine.


Branding that sells

Building a trusted brand with a great reputation is essential for growth. Being able to promote that brand using consistent, clear messaging will help to leverage sales and brand awareness.

For example, the majority of coffee drinkers probably don’t visit Starbucks purely because they love a vanilla latte. The customer will have bought into Starbucks as a brand. Starbucks’ branding is consistent throughout the entire company. From coffee cups to window displays to the Starbucks website – all Starbucks marketing materials use the same colours, font and logo to create cohesion and continuity.

On top of this, Starbucks has recently invested heavily in its ethical and environmental practices. All of these aspects add together to create a lasting impression on the customer and help retain them as a buyer.

Creating a memorable story

Brand identity is also essential when it comes to creating an overall customer journey. In order to become a leading brand, your strategy should be bold and speak to customers on a personal level. By personalising a customer’s shopping experience, the consumer will connect emotively, which will increase brand loyalty and sales.

Back to Starbucks – ever wondered why they always add your name to their takeaway coffee cups? Well, this is why!

Finding a niche or focused audience

A lot of brands spend time showing customers what they are made of without doing their research. An important aspect of marketing is to understand who you are actually selling to, and what you are selling, then tying those two things together.

Finding your audience will allow you to brand accordingly. For example, research shows that certain colours are more likely to appeal to certain age groups, the most famous of which is probably ‘millennial pink’.

Creating branding that appeals to your target audience will help to engage them and also attract the right audience within the sales funnel to start with.

Generating customers through branding

As a business owner you want clients that buy into you, and truly love what you do. A good brand will retain their loyal customers and also generate sales from within their trusted customer base.

This is known as word-of-mouth marketing and is one of the best and most effective tools to grow a business. It’s also usually free!

Become a brand people want to work for

Once you become a brand that people recognise and are fond of, you will also become a brand that people want to work for. Customers who love what you do will often reach out with regards to employment opportunities.

Not only will these customers already have a passion for your brand, they’ll likely be incredibly knowledgeable about your business.

So, not only does good branding help to generate income, it also helps with recruiting dedicated and passionate staff.


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