Weekly Round Up: Catterbox, Top Cat & Attenborough

Bethany Webb

First things first, what is this weather? We’re two days away from May, yet we’re battling Winter 2.0, and the boots and big coats have had to come back down from the loft. So whilst we sit shivering, with the office heating turned up to thirty, let’s take a look at what’s brightened our days this week.

Technology is advancing at the speed of light, maybe not quite at the speed of light, but Temptations’ new piece of tech has brought cat owners closer to something they’ve always dreamed about. Working alongside Adam & Eve/DDB, the cat treat brand has developed the world’s first talking cat collar, don’t believe us? See it for yourself…

Top Cat

No, unfortunately this isn’t an announcement to say Top Cat is back on your screens, oh how we wish that was the case. Halifax have featured Top Cat and his sidekick Benny in their new 60-second advert, showcasing their supportive service as Top Cat sobs about his evection by Officer Dibble. We can only hope that he’ll be casted for a second instalment.

Attenborough at 90
It only seems fitting that after featuring some kitty content, we feature the king of the animal kingdom. BBC Creative had a huge task upon them, and they’ve pulled together some iconic footage of Attenborough to celebrate his extraordinary life so far.

Here’s to a 3 day weekend!

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