Weekly Round Up: KELISXLEBUN, Inflatable Poop, Never Heard of It & The Twits

Araminta Hannah

Have no fear, in the week where British parliament has turned into #GrownUpPolitics and the England football team was beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers, Amazon announced their new face of Amazon Pets. Not only have we been graced with Effie the 2-year-old, mini loop rabbit from Worcester, but Wimbledon is back on the big screens, which means it’s officially the season of strawberries and cream, with a jug of Pimms on the side, it’s not all doom and gloom.


Her burger buns bring the Londoners to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours. Or so Kelis hopes after the success of her milkshakes. Teaming up with Le Bun (part French, part American), she’ll be setting up her very own burger outlet in Leicester House, which opens its doors on four dates in July. If South American food is your thing then this will be right up your street, however it is yet to be confirmed whether you’ll be able to purchase milkshakes or not.



Inflatable Poop

Inflatables have always been that thing you buy once you’re on holiday, then leave out there for the next person to enjoy, not because you’re a generous person, but simply because you can’t be bothered to deflate them and you haven’t got room in your suitcase. Or that’s what we used to do. However, last season brought us flamingos, doughnuts, pretzels and swans, but this season brings us poop. Even on holiday you can’t escape those emoji’s in your phone and with five different emoji favourites to choose from, why wouldn’t you want one?

Never Heard Of It

Wimbledon season doesn’t just include Pimms- wine, cider, beer, any excuse for Brits to have a merry time and brands to crank up their sales. Stella Artois is one of these brands to jump on the bandwagon with a fully-blown integrated campaign focused around the white-short-shorts and ball-boy games. They started off with TV ad, taking viewers back to Victorian London.

Now they’re offering you the chance to time travel back to the Victorian streets of London. You’ll be taken on a cinematic adventure through time to return to a smart pub where it would just be rude not to order a Stella Artois. Head here to book your tickets to travel back in time.


Dinner with The Twits

Dried-up scrambled eggs, spinach and tomato ketchup, fish fingers and minced chicken livers, these are all things you can expect to be served at the upcoming theatrical dining experience in London*. This is the first Roald Dahl adaptation made exclusively for adults, and you will be in for a treat (or trick). The casting is yet to be announced but you can book your tickets now to secure your place, it’ll certainly be one to remember.

*The menu hasn’t actually been confirmed yet.

Happy Friday!


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