Weekly Round Up: The Anthem, Tiger Face, The First Flight & #SummerSeries16

Araminta Hannah

What a scorcher of a week we’ve had. The sunny weather has led to BBQed pizzas for a Monday meeting, lunchtime frisbee throwing and of course fans on full whack with everyone complaining that it’s too hot. This week we’ve all been on a high, and with some great content streaming in from the digital world, nothing can get us down!

The Anthem

Last week we told you the countdown to Rio 2016 is on, and Samsung have been the next brand to jump on the bandwagon. As a worldwide partner, Samsung have released a cinematic advert that promotes the new Galaxy S7 Edge through the art of song. Combining lines from all of the countries who take part in the Olympics anthems, the advert introduces viewers to a new location that contrasts with the home of each song, rather than try and explain we’ll let you see for yourself.

Tiger Face

Have you ever wanted to come face to face with a Tiger? We expect most of you will probably respond with no, but to shed some light on the rapidly decreasing Tiger population, WWF have created an experience that puts you in the shoes of a ranger. Combing VR with a 360° CGI film, participants will be able to walk through the forests and see first-hand the effects of poaching on the stripy kitties.

Set up in London, the experience will run from the 26th July to the 7th August, to try raise awareness and support for the pressing issue. Just think, the Tiger who once went to tea, may never go to tea again.

The First Flight

It’s summer, which means your office is probably missing a body or two due to the wonderful thing of holidays. Holidays often mean a flight to somewhere exotic, and everybody knows airports are a big part of holiday excitement- unless you have a fear of flying or your plane is delayed. Heathrow have managed to capture this feeling through the eyes of a five-year-old first time flyer and her suitcase. If you’re a fan of those John Lewis style ads then this will be right up your street.


Sticking with the Summer theme you’re going to want to keep your diaries free for Saturday the 6th August. Millennium Square in Leeds is coming alive once again, and their Summer Sounds event is promised to please those nineties kids. If you were a fan of B*Witched or S Club 7 then you’ll not want to miss this! You can purchase tickets here!

For now we’ll be listening to Spotify’s cheesiest playlist.


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