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Araminta Hannah

How is it May, and how are we half way through the month already? It’s like we’ve blinked and boom, although it does mean we’re one step closer to summer! (Mmmmm, BBQs.) With everything moving at 17489 miles an hour, there has been so much going on, and not just at Blue Digital HQ. Leeds was bustling with Leeds Digital Festival, whilst the rest of Yorkshire was busy celebrating the infamous Tour de Yorkshire. With all that excitement, it’s hard to believe there was anything else that caught our eye, but there certainly was.


Child Replacement Programme

When your little ‘pumpkin pie’ moves out, you’ll be left pondering how long it’ll be before they come to visit- which is just like pups in a dog shelter.  To connect the two broken hearts, Pedigree’s latest campaign  in New Zealand aims to pair abandoned dogs with abandoned parents, filling a hole in both party’s hearts.

Pairing some hilarious print ads with three TV spots, Pedigree have been driving users to where lonely parents can find all the information they need about the programme. To find the perfect dog, you go through a series of questions about your son or daughter, such as how much do they eat or how long their hair is, to find the closest canine match.  They even have a system where mums and dads can trade in their child’s stuff in exchange for things for the new pup. So, if you know any empty nesters in NZ, point them in this direction!Pedigree-Child-Replacement-Program-17


B&Q Spring Ready

With the increase in temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately (ignoring this week’s forecast), we’re all definitely in the mood for summer- especially as one of the Blue Digitalees is jetting off on holiday this week #jel and B&Q’s Spring Ready focus isn’t helping matters. Their theatrical Garden advert has got us wanting to get out our green fingers, whilst their Kitchen ad shows off the flexibility of their kitchens and features those omg-I-want-one Bake Off oven’s where the door just disappears.

To complement their spring push, they also opened up a one-off pop-up garden that gave Londoners a space to relax in the middle of central London. We’re certainly ready for al fresco dining and drinks under the stars, with a blanket or two of course.


Balenciaga Copycat

Ikea are renowned for being on top of their game, but no-one could have predicted how they reacted to the Balenciaga shopping bag, and boy was it good.

As one of the most influential fashion labels of the now, Balenciaga recently released a new product that bared many similarities to the iconic Ikea Frakta bag, but with a $2,145 price tag. So what did Ikea do? They released a post that gave users some tips on how to identify an Ikea Frakta bag, with the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Does it rustle?
  • Is it multi-functional?
  • Can it be rinsed off with a hose?
  • Is it only $0.99? (£0.40)

Their Swedish agency should be praised for their quick thinking, with the ad going viral and landing them coverage in newspapers across the world! It would definitely have been #chipshopawards worthy!



Google Earth

If you didn’t think Google Earth could get any cooler, then you sir, are wrong. Not only did they bring back Pac-Maps for April Fool’s Day, but released their two-year redesign that has a bucket load of new features. By coinciding with World Earth Day, the relaunched version gives users a chance to see worldly locations from any angle in 3D.  Not only do you have this added exploration feature, but can be transported on a journey across different lands by some of the nation’s favourite story tellers, including David Attenborough.

P.S. If you’re feeling especially spontaneous, click the I’m feeling lucky button to be transported to one of 20,000 curated locations.


Tinder’s Gone Wild

Think male. Think rather large. Think horny, but not just in that way. The latest user to kick up a stir on Tinder is Sudan, the 42-year-old Northern White Rhino. He’s the last male Northern White Rhino on earth and is in desperate need of a mate, so OL Pejeta Conservancy and Tinder joined forces to raise awareness.

He currently has armed protection round the clock, and shares his home with two females, who unfortunately aren’t interested in making rhinoies (our name for baby rhinos). So the final effort in an attempt to save this eloquent species is through IVF, a controversial method for many, but if it can prevent these creatures from joining the Dodo then we should all be in support.

To do your bit, you can donate directly to Sudan’s campaign or head on over to OL Pejeta Conservancy’s site to get yourselves some supportive merchandise.

Image via Mashable

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