The power of Girlguiding, the tale of Burberry and the magic of

Araminta Hannah

Helloooooo Friday. It’s the last day of the working week for us at Blue Digital, and that only means one thing- another instalment of our weekly roundup series. Each week we bring to you the good, bad and ugly news that has caught our eye and got us hooked, and this week is no exception.


The Tale of Thomas Burberry

Every brand loves to tell a story, especially towards the end of the year, and this time round, Burberry have decided to tell theirs. Characterised by their trench coats and beige scarves, Burberry have a sense of luxury and dapperness about them, so how better to tell their story than through a mini short-film that follows the footsteps of Thomas Burberry’s (aka  Bill Weasley) life. (His real name is actually Domhnall Gleeson.)

During the 1900s, Burberry supplied soldiers and pilots with uniform that would one day become a catwalk piece so the three minutes tells a tale of the brand’s history, pulling together love, adventure, heartbreak and war. Put this advert in the cinema and you’d think you were watching a trailer for a future film that in reality, won’t exist, but it’s as close as you’re going to get.



Magic is Real

Continuing with the festive theme, has unveiled their Christmas ad that puts the creators in the spotlight. Launching this Sunday, the advert gives viewers a glimpse into the workshops of those who sell through the site. Now, everyone knows Santa’s workshop is filled with elves, and the workshops are no different. With pointy ears, reindeers and a 5LEIGH number plate tiptoeing into the advert, they’ve sprinkled some Christmas magic onto our screens.

They’re also continuing their elf theme online. Through Facebook Messenger, they’ve set up a ‘Elf Help’ gift service and there will be a dedicated ‘Elf Collection’ on the website, featuring 25 bespoke products created by their innovative elves. It’s certainly getting our fingers and toes tingling with excitement.


Yes, we have started to include Christmas campaigns, no we’re not crazy. Some may argue that it’s too early, but with only 50 day to go we’ve started our countdown, so don’t be too surprised as you start to see more popping up in our weekly round-ups. Plus, with the arrival of our Panto tickets this week and the rumours of the John Lewis Christmas advert airing this weekend, it’s only right we get into the festive spirit!

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