Template sites vs Bespoke sites

Jordon Goodman

Jordon Goodman


There’s pros- and cons of both template and bespoke websites. But weighing up the key factors like budget and time scales will quite quickly become your decider.


There is a massive stigma attached to creating a “template” site. That they are all very much the “Same” and its just part of a production line. But realistically these sites are cost effective, and a great platform to start any small business on. Not all theme sites are generic and ready made with little change.

This low-cost solution, when used correctly can be really effective, allowing clients to have the freedom to create their own identity online, but with the same precedence as a bespoke site

Templates do hold some restrictions, and the clue is in the name. Your site will be created for you, giving you a clear visual very quickly, with place holders for copy but it will also limit how much can be edited on your site.

Finding the right template is key, if you are using a template that is highly rated and used by thousands, 9/10 times you will find that it has been well testing with hardly any issues cropping up. With User experience, and client experience at the forefront of the template developers mind, you will be sure to get a solid website to fit your business.


Bespoke websites are “Made to order” every single touchpoint is specifically designed with you, your business, and your user in mind. This tailor-made solution is perfect if you are prepared to invest a considerable amount of money in not just creating a strong online brand presence but maintaining it. From design throug functionality to SEO optimisation, these coded creations are uniquely formed from the project requirements and brief, that in turn will generate a compelling user experience.

By having a bespoke website, you have a lot of control over the functionality and interface. This includes the functionality that’s behind the scenes.  Here at Blue Digital, we care about website, and by becoming your digital partner we would  be on hand to help facilitate business growth, so that it can be seamlessly be implemented into the site.

Bespoke designs are great and can be a lot more compelling than template site. A massive benefit would be that the site can be designed specifically for your users and their actions. A “mobile first” site is now taking the lead in the world wide web, and Google are acknowledging that. So, a site that is mobile responsive, tested and supported on multiple browsers will create a better experience.

Although bespoke sites are great, they can be pretty pricey and quite a big investment for any business. It can also be costly to make changes if your site is on a bespoke platform so ensuring all stakeholders have buy in and approval before the end of the scoping phase is important to keep costs to a minimum.

Here at Blue digital we offer both solutions, and they are based on the same foundations. We take just as much pride and care from a “template” site as a “bespoke” site, creating the perfect solution for your budget and needs.

We get the buzz from solving your problems. Your website can be your lead source is it is used efficiently, reaping the rewards with very little work.

Jordon Goodman

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