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rashid says hello

My name is Mohammad Rashid, I am known as Rashid to everyone who knows me. I am 29 years old, I am Web Developer from glorious Yorkshire and the newest addition to Blue Digital.

In (the little) spare time I have I love spending it with my family and friends doing various social activities; whether it is playing five-a-side football, going out for dinner, hosting people. I would say I am a ‘foodie’ but not sure if that describes my habit as I just love eating any food and trying out new things.

I also like hiking, going for walks and other outdoor activities, although lately I have been doing this much less than I would like to. I’ve done various hikes including the National Three Peaks challenge in 24 hours. I would like to some bigger hikes in the future, maybe Mt. Kilimanjaro, or Everest Base Camp? (Although, I would have to get my fitness back up for this).


What do you most like about working at Blue Digital?

My first few months at Blue Digital have been great. I have a fantastic team around me who have given me a warm welcome to the company. The team morale is great everyone supports each where possible; it’s great to be surrounded by highly talented people where I benefit from advice in various digital areas, including web development, design and marketing.

Away from my team, the company as a whole is a great place to work, it encourages growth and progression and has a fantastic, vibrant atmosphere. Located in the North of Leeds, the office is surrounded by beautiful grounds which always make for a nice lunchtime walk and sometimes even lunch on the picnic benches. When the weather’s not so good, we have lunch on picnic bench inside…


Tell us know you first got into development?

My first introduction to programming was at school through VBA development on Microsoft Access and building websites on Adobe Dreamweaver (yep, Dreamweaver). I went on to develop other small applications on MS Excel and Access to help with small regular and repetitive tasks, sometimes reducing a task which would take hours down to under a minute.

My first exposure to Web Development was doing a PHP Web Application for a charity project. The project sold cakes, and the profits went to charity. When I was first introduced, they had progressed from a book of orders to Google Forms, which then was then transferred to a spreadsheet and then orders were processed.

I noticed they had many different issues such as data entry was incorrect due to human error, making an order took too long and they didn’t have the capacity to grow, there was a lot of room to improve in terms of efficiency.

The web-based application I developed auto completed addresses and forced people to select an address from an address database, it used phone verification to ensure the contact number was correct, the number of steps when taking a telephone order was reduced significantly, and the process in general was streamlined. We also introduced online orders with payment which was the biggest step to handling a large volume of orders.

From here, I went on to develop more applications and website for some SMEs and became well-rooted in web development.


How do you like your tea?

  • Milk (dark), no sugar; if you put the milk in first, we can’t be friends.

Who inspires you?

  • Anyone who works hard to benefit others

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

  • Home
Our Team Frames-Nico-Dhinsa

About Nico Dhinsa

Meet Nico, one of our developers here at Bluedigital loves to talk "tech". He enjoys spending time with his family and traveling the UK for interesting views and good food.