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Is your website your biggest marketing asset? No? Well it should be.

Your website should be the centrepiece of all your marketing efforts. It’s often the first place customers look for information on your products and services.

Traditional Website Design

“Website redesign” are two words that spark anxiety in a lot of business owners and marketing teams. Generally speaking, people think that traditional brand and website redesigns are risky and leave businesses vulnerable. 

During a redesign your website will no doubt go through a waterfall process – design, test and build – then… be left for two years. Sound familiar?

But do we actually do this with anything else? No, so why should we be neglecting our new website? Your website should be your best performing sales tool. If it isn’t… keep reading.

Internet users are evolving and engaging with the web in more unique ways. As technology and big brands advance, you should too to build new and exciting experiences for your customers. 

Traditional website design has the following risks:

  • Substantial upfront costs
  • Large time and resource commitment
  • Over budget, not on time, not flexible
  • Subjective to design and no guarantee it will improve performance
  • No updates after going live

What is Growth Driven Design?

Growth driven design (GDD) is a new wave of delivering results and bringing measurable business value through the power of design. It is smarter, agile and data driven, minimising the risk that traditional website design may hold. The end result of GDD? A high performing website that you and your users will love!

Why is Growth Driven Design Smarter?

GDD succeeds by making informative decisions to improve the performance of your site and integrating with your marketing team and every part of your business. GDD is a smarter way to think about design:

  • Minimise risk associated with traditional website design – taking a systematic approach to shorten the timeline to launch, focussing on impact and continuous improvement
  • Learn and improve – constantly researching, analysing and learning about your visitors to unleash peak performance
  • Reduces frustration – streamlined agile process based on goal driven sprints
  • Helps the entire company to understand their users and how they can personalise the buying circle

The GDD process

The GDD process is broken up into three major steps.

  • Strategy – developing an empathetic understanding of your audience, to understand how to solve their problems along their journey
  • Launchpad – a starting point, the foundation your website will be built on. It’s not the final product and will be improved upon based on data driven decisions.
  • Continuous improvement – applying improvements based on the data collected
  • Then repeat the same circle again and again using different goals based on the changes made previously.

You can find out more about Growth Driven Design, and how you can implement this in your next website project by calling 0113 237 5100, or filling out our form here.

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